How Do You Make Seeds Grow Fast?

How Do You Make Seeds Grow Fast?

Ensure seeds grow fast by providing them with artificial light when grown indoors, starting them in a good seed-starting medium, keeping them moist and following specific information on the seed packet for the particular type of seed. Whether planting seeds indoors or directly in a garden outdoors, these tips can get seeds started fast and off to a great start.

While an indoor room may appear bright, chances are it is not bright enough to aptly grow seeds without causing them to be spindly and weak. Always supplement seeds grown indoors with artificial lighting to get them off to a good start.

Use a sterile growing soil or peat moss to ensure the seeds are not subjected to harmful bacteria or parasites during this initial growth stage.

Seeds don't need any fertilizer to get started, but they do require the surrounding soil to remain moist to promote a strong germination. Fashion a self-watering system for indoor seedlings, or consider a timed drip-line for starting outdoor seeds to speed up germination. Refer to individual seed packs to get an idea of how long it takes for a particular seed type to germinate.

Some seeds benefit from soaking overnight in water, and this information is printed on the seed packet when applicable. Follow these instructions for the best and quickest germination rates.