How Do You Make a Rain Gauge?

How Do You Make a Rain Gauge?

To make a rain gauge, you need a 2-liter plastic bottle, duct tape, scissors, a laminated paper ruler, small pebbles, water and a marker. The process takes approximately 10 minutes or less and creates a functional rain gauge.

  1. Cut the plastic bottle

    Mark the sides of the bottle with the marker about 2 inches down from where the neck widens. Using scissors, cut the top of the bottle along the mark to make rain-catching easier.

  2. Pour the small pebbles into the bottle

    Mark the side of the bottle an inch from the bottom. Pour the pebbles so that they are level with this single-inch mark. The pebbles are placed at the bottom of the bottle so that it does not tip over in rain.

  3. Pour water into the bottle

    Pour enough water to cover the pebbles up to the previously marked line. The water gives you a starting point for measuring the future amount of rainwater.

  4. Attach laminated ruler to the bottle

    Tape the laminated paper ruler to the bottle, making sure to align the bottom of the ruler with the 1-inch mark. If the ruler is longer than the bottle is tall, cut off the excess.

  5. Tape the top to the bottle to make a rain catcher

    Place the removed top of the bottle upside down in the bottle. Remove the cap. Align the cut edges, and use duct tape to attach the top to the bottle. Place the rain gauge in an open area where it can catch the rain.