How Do You Make a Rain Chain?


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To make a rain chain, wrap soft copper tubing around a polyvinyl chloride pipe. Remove the pipe and use a cutter to cut rings out of the coil. Link the rings together and solder or weld the joints.

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Tools and materials necessary for the job include 1/4 inch of soft copper coil tubing, a 2-inch polyvinyl chloride pipe, a copper cutter, a solder or a blow torch, pliers and a pair of heavy leather gloves. To determine the length of copper wire needed, consider the length you want your rain chain to be and multiply it by three.

Wrap the copper wire tightly around the polyvinyl chloride pipe while pulling it to prevent kinking. Remove the pipe to reveal the copper coil. Extend the coil slightly and use the cutter to cut the coil into rings. Link the individual rings to create a chain.

Adjust each ring until the ends line up. Apply some soldering flux and solder the two ends together. You may also choose to weld the two ends together. Wear heavy leather gloves for safety during this process as copper is a good conductor of heat. Hang the rain chain by attaching the topmost copper ring to the gutter.

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