How Do You Make a Pulley?

To make a simple pulley, stick wire through an empty thread spool such that the spool can spin freely and attach the wire to a stationary object, then tie a small object such as a toy or pencil to a string and run the string from the ground up around the spool and back down to the small object. This will create a simple pulley system, where the string can be pulled down to lift the small object up towards the spinning thread spool.

There are many ways to create a simple pulley system using household objects. A pulley allows a change in direction of force using a cable and a spinning wheel.

  1. Gather the materials for the pulley
  2. Find a length of wire, an empty thread spool, some string and a small, light object to create a pulley system.

  3. Assemble the pulley system
  4. Run the length of wire through the empty thread spool and attach both sides of the wire to a stationary object that is off the ground. The whole system should not move, but the spool should be able to spin freely.

  5. Use the wire and spool as a pulley
  6. Tie some string around a small, light object. Run the string from the ground, up around the spool, and back to the ground on the other side of the spool. Pull down on the empty end of the string, and the spool should rotate around the spring and pull up the light object.