How Do You Make Planet Models?

How Do You Make Planet Models?

Create models of different planets by using balloons and paper mache. In addition to the balloons, the project requires flour, water, brushes, newspaper, primer and paint.

  1. Mix the glue

    Mix together the flour and water with a whisk to create the adhesive for the newspaper.

  2. Tear strips of newspaper

    Tear the newspaper into strips sized appropriately to match the balloons.

  3. Blow up the balloons

    Blow up the balloons to the desired size. For solar system models, scale the balloons to the different planets.

  4. Dip the newspaper in the glue

    Cover the strips of newspaper in the flour and water mixture. When they are coated, lay the strips onto the balloons, smoothing them out as needed.

  5. Let the paper mache dry

    After covering the balloon, allow it to dry. Use heat to speed up the process.

  6. Cover the orbs with primer

    Prior to painting the balloons, cover them with a clear or white primer. The paint adheres better to the primer than to the glue. Allow them to thoroughly dry.

  7. Paint the models

    After the primer has dried, begin painting the models to resemble the planets. Acrylic paint works well on paper mache. Apply two coats, adding texture and additional colors as desired.