How Do You Make a Pac-Man Costume?

How Do You Make a Pac-Man Costume?

A simple Pac-Man costume can be made using a black pillowcase, a red paint pen, colored felt, googly eyes, a hat, poster board and glue according to The costume can be made in five days, with a few hours committed each day.

This creative Pac-Man costume uses the wearer's body like a large Pac-Man board, and makes his or her head into Pac-Man. It is also much cheaper than a store bought costume.

Everyday household objects such as scissors, a ruler, a glue gun and a long-sleeved black shirt are used to craft the costume. The other components, listed above, may need to be purchased at the store.

To craft the costume:

  • Use the ruler and a pencil to sketch out a maze pattern on the shirt.
  • Follow along the lines with the red paint pen to finalize the maze.
  • Next, cut out white circles of felt for the power pellets, and blue, pink and orange felt for the ghosts.
  • Scatter them around the maze. Glue googly eyes to the ghosts.

To make Pac-Man, cut a Pac-Man shape out of the poster board and glue it to the hat. Attach googly eyes to the face.