How Do I Make My Mustache Thicker?

The two best ways to grow a tick mustache are to take vitamins and to start the mustache at a young age when the body is still full of testosterone. As the body ages, the levels of testosterone that it produces decreases. Because testosterone is directly linked to the growth of facial hair, it becomes harder to grow a thick mustache late in life.

Vitamins are great not only for mustaches, but also for hair and skin in general. Although vitamins are not going to help someone grow hair if he is not growing it, they ensure that the hair that is growing is coming in at its maximum speed. Taking a daily dose of a B-complex vitamin improves hair growth. Most B-complex vitamins include B-3, B-6 and B-12. Other vitamins to consider are vitamin E, which helps with blood circulation to hair follicles.

Despite popular belief, shaving a mustache does not make it grow back fuller and thicker. The mustache only appears thicker but only because shaving hair gives it a blunt tip. It is this blunt tip that makes stubble on men appear darker and more coarse, which started the rumor that shaving hair causes it to grow back thicker. When it comes to mustaches, the best option is to simply trim them to keep the mustache shaped correctly.