How Do You Make a Model of a Landslide?

To make a model of a landslide, prop a section of metal gutter between a plastic bin and a stack of blocks, line it with sediment, and suspend a jug of water above it. This 30-minute project requires a gutter, a bin, blocks, a gallon jug, water and a pencil.

  1. Set up the gutter, blocks and bin

    Set a plastic bin on the ground, and stack wood blocks about 3 feet away. Make the top of the stack 5 inches higher than the top of the bin. Balance a 3-foot section of metal gutter between the blocks and the bin, with its open side facing up.

  2. Fill the gutter

    Coat the bottom of the gutter with a 1/2-inch layer of sediment.

  3. Position the water jug

    Create another stack of wood blocks several inches behind the first. The top of the stack must rise several inches above the top end of the gutter. Fill a plastic gallon jug with water, and set it on the blocks. Carefully pierce the bottom of the jug with a sharp pencil, directly above the gutter. Leave the pencil wedged in the hole. To activate the landslide, remove the pencil, and let the water flow down the gutter and into the plastic bin.