How Do I Make a Kaleidoscope for a Science Project?


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To make a kaleidoscope for a science fair project, you need a clear 33mm film container, a piece of mirrored paperboard, plastic wrap, tape and scissors. You also need beads, crayon shavings and cake sprinkles for your design.

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  1. Cut a hole in the bottom of the film container

    Cut a hole in the bottom of the film container that measures approximately 1/4 of an inch in diameter. This hole will serve as the eye hole.

  2. Cut a piece of mirrored paperboard

    Cut a piece of mirrored paperboard equal to the desired body size of the kaleidoscope.

  3. Fold the mirrored paperboard

    Fold the paperboard into a triangle, and tape it to ensure it stays secure.

  4. Insert inside the film container

    Insert the folded paperboard into the film container, and make sure the mirrored side is facing inward.

  5. Add objects for the design

    Place cake sprinkles, tiny beads or other small, colorful objects into the film container lid. Do not add too many decorations or your design may be affected.

  6. Cover the lid

    Cover the film container lid with plastic wrap to keep all objects in place.

  7. Attach the lid

    Snap the lid onto the film case securely.

  8. Decorate

    Decorate the outside of your kaleidoscope.

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