How Do You Make Hydrogen?


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Making hydrogen gas at home requires water, a 9-volt battery, and two paperclips. Unbend the paperclips and attach one end of each to the battery. Then, put the opposite ends of each paperclip into the water.

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  1. Prepare the materials

    Gather two paperclips, a 9-volt battery and water. Divide the water into two separate containers: a bowl, and a test tube or small jar. Then, straighten the two paperclips into a line.

  2. Attach the paperclips

    Attach one end of a paperclip to the positive side of the battery. Then, attach the one end of the other paperclip to the negative side of the battery. Put the free ends of each battery into the bowl of water without letting them touch.

  3. Capture the hydrogen

    The paperclip end that is creating more bubbles in the water is the one that is hydrogen. It can be tested by putting a flame to the bubbles. The bubbles that burn are hydrogen. Invert the jar or test tube filled with water over the hydrogen bubbles to capture them. Keep the bubbles completely submerged in water so no oxygen is collected. Once the bubbles are collected, cap the test tube or jar before flipping it back over.

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