How Do You Make a Human Body Skeleton Model?


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To make a human body skeleton model, have an existing reference at which to look. Choose the amount of details in the bones, and begin gathering the necessary materials.

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To make a simple human skeleton body model, print the skeleton's bones on a paper of your choice, such as cardstock or printer paper. Scientific skeleton pictures are difficult to attach, but larger cartoons may be too simple, depending on your needs. Choose the outlines that work best with your plans, and begin cutting them out. Each limb has different joints and connections, and it is up to you to determine how detailed you want the skeleton to be when you cut out the limbs. Some skeleton models feature working fingers and jawbones, but a simpler way to begin is to cut out the parts for a simplified range of motion, such as for the upper arm, forearm and hand.

With all of the parts ready, punch holes in the connective section on your skeleton's limbs. Choose a type of fastener to place between the punched holes to create the desired range of motion. Overlap the holes, attach the fasteners, and then test the range of motion to see if the skeleton functions as desired.

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