How Do You Make a Homemade Compost Bin?


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To create a simple home compost bin, use either wire mesh or snow fencing material to create a holding unit. Approximately 10 feet of wire mesh yields a bin 3 feet in diameter, while 13 feet of snow fence creates a 3-square-foot bin.

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To build a wire-mesh compost bin, gather the following materials: a length of chicken wire that is 10 feet long by 36 inches wide, heavy wire, metal or wooden posts, pliers, wire cutters and a hammer. Use the pliers to bend back about 3 inches of the chicken wire at both ends, creating an edge with no sharp points, and then form the length into a circle. Next, use wire cutters to cut the heavy wire into ties, and securely fasten the ends of the chicken wire length together. Finally, pound three or four posts into the ground around the inside of the wire-mesh circle for support. As compost ages and becomes ready for use, you can pull it out through the bottom of the bin.

For a snow-fence compost bin, collect four wood or metal stakes, heavy wire, 13 feet of snow fence, pliers, wire cutters and a sledge hammer. First, mark off a 3-square-foot area, and pound the stakes into the ground at the corners. Next, cut the heavy wire into appropriate lengths for ties. Put the snow fence in place around the stakes, using the wire ties to affix the fence to each of the stakes. Finally, use more wire ties to attach the ends of the snow fence, and complete the bin.

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