How Do You Make Fog Juice?

ClaireMcAdams/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

To create fog juice safely at home, mix distilled water with food grade glycerin. The amount of glycerin used is proportionate to the thickness of the fog effect you want to produce.

  1. Pour distilled water into a pitcher

    Use 1 quart of distilled water when making fog juice. Using tap water results in hard water deposits that damage the fog machine’s atomizer assembly over time. Use a pitcher that holds at least 1 gallon, large enough to allow you to mix the ingredients thoroughly without the contents splashing outside the container.

  2. Measure the glycerin

    Use food-grade 100 percent glycerin and not a sorbitol-based glycerin substitute, which may crystallize and burn up inside your fog machine. Fog juice made with glycerin creates a haze, not the rolling smoke seen at dance clubs. Use 5 ounces of glycerin for a light haze and 10 ounces for a heavy haze. The thickness of the haze also depends on the fog machine that you are using. When made in the right proportions, glycerin produces a convincing smoke effect.

  3. Pour the glycerin into the pitcher

    Stir the glycerin into the pitcher containing 1 quart of distilled water. Mix well. Pour the fog juice into a jug that seals tightly for transport.