How Do You Make a Fire?

How Do You Make a Fire?

To make a fire, lay four split logs on the floor of the fireplace, cover them with kindling, add rolled newspaper, and light the paper on fire. This 20-minute process requires a fireplace, split logs, kindling, newspaper and a lighter.

  1. Place the logs

    Lay four split logs on the floor of the fireplace with the flat sides down. Do not leave space between the logs.

  2. Cover the logs with kindling

    Lay pieces of medium kindling across the logs, and cover it with a layer of small kindling.

  3. Make the newspaper knots

    Unfold a sheet of newspaper, and lay it flat. Grab one corner, and roll the paper toward the opposite corner so it forms a tube. Bring the ends together, and tie the tube into a crude knot. Set the knot on your work surface, and push down gently to flatten it. Repeat with several other sheets of newspaper.

  4. Add the newspaper knots

    Lay the newspaper knots on top of the kindling until it is completely covered. Make additional newspaper knots if necessary.

  5. Light the fire

    Light one of the newspaper knots, and then stand back. Observe the fire to make sure that the fire burns through the kindling and ignites the logs.