How Do You Make a Faraday Cage?

How Do You Make a Faraday Cage?

How Do You Make a Faraday Cage?

You can make a Faraday cage by taking a metal can and padding the interior with insulators like foam and cardboard. Wrap your electronic devices in foil before storing them inside the can. Pad the top with more foam, and seal the can using a lid and some metal foil tape.

  1. Gather the materials

    Gather a small or large galvanized steel can, a large piece of cardboard, some foam, some heavy-gauge aluminum foil and some metal foil tape.

  2. Line the inside of the steel can

    Completely cover the walls and the floor of the can with cardboard. Reinforce the cardboard padding using the foam.

  3. Choose the items you want to store inside of the cage

    Gather the important electronic devices you want to place in the cage. Make sure that all the equipment you select can fit comfortably inside the padded can. It's also a good idea to include a small solar panel and rechargeable batteries, which can power your devices after an electromagnetic pulse.

  4. Cover your electronic devices with aluminum foil

    Wrap the devices you want to store in the Faraday cage in aluminum foil to give them extra protection.

  5. Place the items inside the can

    Pack the devices inside the can, ensuring that none of the items touch the metal walls.

  6. Cover the top of the pile with cardboard and foam

    Place the foam and cardboard on top of the gadgets in order to protect them from the metal surface of the can's lid.

  7. Seal the cage

    Place the lid on top of the can, and wrap metal foil tape around the rim.