How Do You Make an Egg Catapult?


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Make an egg catapult using an empty egg carton, rubber bands and a teaspoon. Another method to make an egg catapult uses a 2-foot length of wood, a wooden spoon, a metal hinge, a large rubber band and some U-shaped nails.

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Cut the egg carton in half, and reinforce each half using a ball of newspaper. Secure the lid closed with a rubber band, and then wrap a few rubber bands around the carton below the opening. Tape a rubber band to the end of a teaspoon handle, and place the spoon's handle under the rubber bands that have been wrapped around the carton. Bring the rubber band attached to the spoon handle up and over the spoon and wrap it around the carton. Wrap a few more rubber bands around the carton, this time above the opening, and attach a final rubber band to the spoon and top of the egg carton using tape.

Starting with a 2-foot length of 2-by-4 plank, secure a small metal hinge 6 inches from one end of the plank using screws. Screw a wooden spoon to the hinge, and lay it face down on the board. Secure a large rubber band at the opposite end of the board using a few U-shaped nails leaving about 6-inches of space between the rubber band and the edge. Wrap the other end of the rubber band around the spoon to complete the catapult.

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