How Do You Make an Egg Bounce?


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To make an egg bounce, you need a boiled egg, some white vinegar and a large bowl. Place the boiled egg in the bowl before covering it completely with the vinegar. Leave the set up until the tiny bubbles stop, then remove the egg from the bowl and rinse it gently with cold tap water. You will notice that the egg feels rubbery and bouncy.

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The egg shell is made of calcium carbonate while the white vinegar is an acid. When the egg is covered in the acid, the calcium gets dissolved and in the process, carbon dioxide will be released as tiny bubbles. You will know that all the shell has been dissolved when carbon dioxide bubbles stop forming. Just under the egg shell is a tough rubbery membrane that does not get dissolved in the vinegar. It is this membrane that holds the egg white and yolk together and prevents them from spilling out even after the shell dissolves.

Since the egg membrane is not waterproof, some vinegar and water seeps through into the egg, increasing its size and tension. You can also make a colored bouncing egg by leaving the naked egg in colored water for a few hours. Water will be drawn into the egg and you will be able to see the colored water through the membrane.

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