How Do You Make Your Ears Pop?

How Do You Make Your Ears Pop?

To pop your ears, hold your nose, and try to breathe through your nose until your ears pop. People who travel often by plane may notice that their ears feel funny while they ascend or descend in an airplane. This feeling is due to the rapid change in altitude of the plane, and it can cause people to suffer from clogged ears that need to be popped.

  1. Pinch your nose closed

    Pinch your nose closed so that air cannot travel through it.

  2. Take a deep breath

    Take a deep breath, and hold it for a few seconds.

  3. Blow through the nose

    Attempt to breathe hard through your nose. The sudden change in pressure should help open the eustachian tubes in the ears and unclog them.

  4. Repeat the process

    If one or both ears are still clogged, repeat the process until the ears open.