How Do You Make a Daily Schedule?


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Daily schedules, unlike weekly or monthly planners, show specific information about the hours of a given day. There are many electronic applications and free templates for daily schedules, but you can also create your own.

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  1. Create your schedule layout

    Use a spreadsheet tool or draw your own grid. If you prefer, use bullet points or another organizational format. At the top of each daily schedule, provide space to write the date and day of the week. On the far left, lay out the time labels with the hours for the day. The information about what happens at each hour can be written to the right of each time label.

  2. Develop a key for understanding your schedule

    Consider using colors, symbols or certain letters to label categories. Choose a system that makes it easy for you to understand.

  3. Fill in your schedule with important events

    List the important events of the day next to the times when they happen. Indicate how much time each event should take. Write a brief description of anything that you need to prepare for that event. Include addresses or contact information if it is relevant. Leave room where you do not have anything scheduled so you can add to your schedule.

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