How Do You Make a Compost Tumbler?

How Do You Make a Compost Tumbler?

Making a compost tumbler is a simple process that can take less than 30 minutes. The materials required include a metal or hard-plastic garbage can with a lid, two bungee cords slightly longer than the diameter of the lid, a large nail, duct tape and a hammer or drill with a 1/2-inch drill bit.

  1. Make holes in garbage can

    Drill or nail 20 evenly spaced holes along the sides and bottom of the garbage can. The holes will provide proper aeration for the composting material.

  2. Fill the compost tumbler

    Fill the garbage can with composting material. For best results, layer the ingredients: one layer of material high in carbon, such as straw, one layer of material high in nitrogen, such as fresh plant clippings, and one layer of cured compost or garden soil. Repeat until the garbage can is three-quarters full.

  3. Secure lid

    Secure bungee cords in an X shape across the lid by latching the hooks under the handles. If there is no place to latch the hooks, drill or nail a hole in the bin to secure each hook. Test the closure by turning the container on its side and rolling it. If the lid is not secure, use duct tape.

  4. Roll container daily

    To make high-quality compost, roll the tumbler daily for two weeks, giving it at least three full revolutions each day. After two weeks, remove the compost from the tumbler. Let it cure for two more weeks in the open before adding it to the garden.