How Do You Make a Complex Pulley System for a Classroom?


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According to Jibbaroo, to make a compound pulley system, you need two wheels from a K'nex set, seven paper clips, tape, string and a 1- to 3-pound hand weight or an unopened can of food. Jibbaroo provides the steps needed to construct the pulley system.

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First, bend two paper clips into an "S" shape. Tape the "S" shaped paper clips to the edge of a table, leaving part of the end extending over the edge. Hook another paper clip to each end. Next, take off the back rubber tread of both K'nex wheels. Then, straighten out a paper clip and slide it through a K'nex wheel to the center. Bend both sides of the paper clip until the ends touch at the top, and squeeze it tight to the wheel. Twist the ends of the paper clip together, and bend the end to make a hook shape. Repeat the previous steps for the second K'nex wheel. Next, tie a string around your weight and tape it in place. Hook a paper clip to the string, and then hook one of your pulleys to the paper clip. Then, hook the other pulley to one of the paper clips taped to the table. Next, measure the height of the table, and cut a string 2 1/2 times the length. Tie a loop at one end of the string, and hook it to the paper clip that is taped to the counter. Run the string through the movable pulley on your weight and then through the fixed pulley. Lastly, adjust the string so it is in the track of the wheels.

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