How Do You Make a Black Light Ladybug Trap?

To make a black light ladybug trap, add some water to a bottle and place it near a black light in a darkened room. It is best to use an old wine bottle or plastic soda bottle, as the sweet scent will attract more ladybugs.

Legend says that finding a ladybug in the home brings good luck. Too many, however, can become a nuisance. Using a black light is an easy way to trap them for removal.

Step 1: Prepare the bottle

Use a wine bottle or plastic soda bottle to capture the ladybugs. A little residue is helpful in attracting them, as the bugs are drawn to the odor. Add 1 cup of water to the bottle.

Step 2: Set up the black light

Place the black light in an area of the room that will not be disturbed, such as behind a couch or chair. Soften the lights in the room by turning off the main lights and closing the curtains. The black light should be the prominent light source. Place the bottle next to the light.

Step 3: Wait for the trap to work

It will not take long for ladybugs to be attracted to the trap by either the black light or the sweet smell. If the bugs do not fall into the bottle, shake them inside. They will emit a smell that attracts more ladybugs.