How Do You Make a Battery With Coke and Vinegar?

How Do You Make a Battery With Coke and Vinegar?

Coke and vinegar can't be used together to create a battery. A Coke battery powerful enough to light an LED can be made with the soda, its can, scissors, three strips of copper, three plastic cups, four connectors and sandpaper.

  1. Prepare the soda and aluminum strips

    Pour the soda into the cups, and set all three aside. Cut the aluminum can into three strips, each 1 inch wide and as tall as the can itself. If the cups are shorter than this, the strips can also be shorter.

  2. Sand the aluminum strips clean

    Sand the strips of can until all the paint and plastic are completely removed from the surface on both sides.

  3. Place aluminum and copper strips

    Place one strip of sanded aluminum and one strip of copper into each cup, allowing them to protrude over the top. Do not allow the strips of metal to touch each other.

  4. Attach connectors

    Secure both ends of the first connector to the aluminum strips in two of the cups. Attach the first end of the second connector to the copper strip in one of the cups with its aluminum strips connected. Attach the second end of the connector to the third cup. You should have one free aluminum strip and one free copper strip in a different cup.

  5. Attach LED

    Attach one end of your third connector to the unconnected aluminum strip and the other end to one of the LED leads. Attach one end of the final connector to the unconnected copper strip, which should be the only free strip of metal left at this point. Attach the other end of the last connector to the other LED lead. If the LED doesn't light, reverse the direction in which each connector is attached to each lead.