How Do You Make an Animal Cell Project?

How Do You Make an Animal Cell Project?

One way to make an animal cell project is to use gelatin and various types of candy to represent the parts of the cell. Mix the gelatin and allow it to firm up slightly, then add the different candy representations of each cell part. For easier identification, make a reference sheet showing what part of the cell is represented by each piece of candy.

  1. Gather the supplies
  2. The only supplies required for this project are gelatin, a variety of different candies, a resealable plastic bag and water.

  3. Make the gelatin
  4. Make the gelatin in the resealable plastic bag according to the package directions. Use a little bit less water than what is called for, which makes the gelatin more firm and more stable to hold the candies. Refrigerate until slightly set. The gelatin represents the cytoplasm of the cell, and the plastic bag is the cell's membrane.

  5. Add the candy
  6. Once the gelatin has firmed up, add the parts of the cell by placing the candy inside the gelatin, including:

    • gum ball for the centrosome
    • folded hard candy ribbons for the Golgi apparatus
    • coated chocolate candies for the lysosomes
    • raisins for the mitochondria
    • plum for the nucleus, with the plum's skin representing the nuclear membrane and the plum's pit the nucleolus
    • candy sprinkles for the ribosomes
    • sour gummy worms for the rough endoplasmic reticulum and regular gummy worms for the smooth endoplasmic reticulum
    • jaw breakers for the vacuole

  7. Refrigerate the mixture
  8. Place the bag back into the refrigerator until completely set and the gelatin is firm.