How Do You Make an Air Resistance Egg Drop Project?

An air resistance egg drop project consists of dropping an egg with a parachute from a high location. The supplies needed include a heavy-duty trash bag, plastic sandwich bags, string, scissors and eggs. The project takes approximately one hour.

  1. Cut the trash bag

    Using scissors, cut out a square-shaped piece of the trash bag. The size of the square determines how fast the parachute falls.

  2. Create holes in each corner of the square

    Using scissors or a hole punch, create a small hole in each corner of the square piece of trash bag.

  3. Thread string through each hole

    Cut four 20-inch pieces of string. Thread one piece of string through each hole in the trash bag square and secure them with tight knots.

  4. Attach the egg to the parachute

    Place an egg inside a plastic sandwich bag, and tie the top using the loose ends of the strings that are connected to the trash bag square.

  5. Drop the egg

    Drop the parachute from a second- or third-story window. Observe the duration of the fall as well as whether or not the egg stays intact.

  6. Repeat the experiment

    Repeat the experiment, varying the size of the square piece of trash bag. Make hypotheses about how the size might affect the outcome of the experiment. Note your observations.