What Are the Major Stars in the Pisces Constellation?

Major stars in the Pisces constellation include Eta Piscium, Gamma Piscium, Omega Piscium, Iota Piscium, Omicron Piscium and Alpha Piscium. Eta Piscium is the brightest star in the constellation, followed by Gamma Piscium.

Additional major stars in the Pisces constellation include Epsilon Piscium, Theta Piscium, Delta Piscium, Nu Piscium, Beta Piscium, Van Maanen’s star, 19 Piscium, 107 Piscium, 96 G. Piscium, 54 Piscium and 6 G. Piscium. Often, scientists use Greek alphabet symbols when writing the names of these stars rather than spelling out the entire word. The word "Piscium" in star names is derived from the star's location in the Pisces constellation. Scientists may divide Pisces into smaller components, known as asterisms. Asterisms in Pisces include the North Fish, the South Fish, the North Cord, the South Cord, the Circlet and the Turtle, each composed of different stars found within Pisces.

While the main components of a constellation are its stars, other light-reflecting deep space objects may be considered identifying characteristics of a constellation. In Pisces, notable deep space objects include the spiral galaxy Messier 74, the M74 Group combination of galaxies, the CL 0024+1654 cluster of galaxies, the spiral galaxy NGC 7537, the double radio galaxy 3C 31 and the dwarf galaxy Pisces Dwarf.