What Are the Major Stars in the Aries Constellation?

major-stars-aries-constellation Credit: Francesco Reginato/The Image Bank/Getty Images

There are three brightest stars in the Aries constellation are Alpha Arietis, Beta Arietis, and Gamma Arietis. Alpha Arietis, which is also known as Hamal, is the brightest out of the three, and is referred to as the orange giant. It is 66 light-years away from Earth, and has an orbiting planet that has a greater mass than the planet Jupiter.

Beta Arietis, also known as Sheratan, is a blue-white star, and is 59 light-years away from Earth. Gamma Arietis, also known as Mesartim, is a binary star that has two components with a white hue.These three major stars, named by Johann Bayer, form an asterism, and have been used as reliable navigational tools throughout history.

Several double stars call Aries their home, including Lambda, Pi Arietis and Epsilon. Aries also contains numerous stars with more known planets. HIP 14810 is noteworthy, with three orbiting planets that are 10 times the mass of Earth. HD 20367 is orbited by one planet that is approximately the same size as Jupiter, and HD 12661 has two planets that are even larger.

Although Aries' galaxies and nebulae are not all of that noteworthy, there are quite a few elliptical, spiral and interacting galaxies.