What Are Some Major Snow Storms That Affected the East Coast?


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Several major snow storms that affected the East Coast occurred in 2011, 1993 and 1978. Some of these storms were single events, while others consisted of a series of blizzards that meteorologists and climatologists grouped together.

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What Are Some Major Snow Storms That Affected the East Coast?
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The Great Blizzard of 1978 struck a large section of the United States, including Massachusetts and New York City on the East Coast and the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes region further inland. The nor'easter blew for two days, resulting in record-breaking snowfall, hundreds of deaths and billions of dollars in damage to property.

Known as the Storm of the Century for the $10 billion in damage it left in its wake, a 1993 blizzard struck the East Coast for two days in March, dumping snow from New England all the way to Florida. The storm's hurricane-force winds killed dozens of people as they knocked down buildings and power lines. Some areas were buried in as much as 4 feet of snow, shutting down traffic for days.

In January of 2011, a series of blizzards later known as Snowpocalypse struck the East Coast, unleashing roughly 20 inches of snow in Central Park and 18 inches in Boston. The snow snarled traffic in New York City, stranding subway passengers for hours and resulting in thousands of airplane, train and bus cancellations.

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