What Are the Major Organs of the Muscular System?

The major types of muscle systems are the skeletal muscles, cardiac muscles and smooth muscles, explains Healthline. The skeletal muscles are voluntary muscles, whereas the smooth and cardiac muscles are involuntary ones.

The three types of muscles work to move various parts of a person’s body, says Healthline. Of these, the skeletal muscles are voluntary and move when they receive signals via the nervous system. These muscles, which are attached to the skeletal system, contract and expand to allow a person to move the limbs of his body with conscious effort.

The cardiac muscles are involuntary and usually set up a steady pulsing that pumps the blood all across the body. The walls of the heart are made up of these cardiac muscles. Healthline explains that these muscles receive signals from the brain through hormones and enzymes and also send electrical impulses that contract the heart.

Another set of involuntary muscles are the smooth muscles, which comprise the walls of the hollow organs of the body, such as the respiratory tract and blood vessels. They move in wavelike motions and help pass food down the gullet and perform other important functions. These muscles mostly move without a person’s conscious effort, states Healthline.