What Are the Major Landforms in the Northeast?

The major landforms in the northeast of North America are the Atlantic coastal plains, Appalachian Mountains, the Adirondack Mountains and natural communities. Each is characterized by distinct geological features and the natural plant and animal species that live in each region.

The Atlantic coastal plains run along the Atlantic seaboard and have several bays and estuaries that separate sandy beaches. The coastal plains are home to the cities of New York City, Boston, Providence and others. The Appalachian Mountains run all the way from Canada down south into northern Alabama. The peaks have been eroded down by weather and geologic upheavals over the centuries but still include impressive ranges in Tennessee, North Carolina, Maine and New Hampshire. The Adirondacks mountain range in northern New York is surrounded on three sides by the Appalachian Mountains. Among its distinct features is its collection of rugged peaks. Between these major geographic regions are natural communities of forests, salt marshes and tundra.