What Are the Main Health Complications Related to Hypothalamus Dysfunction?


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A dysfunctional hypothalamus can lead to complications such as growth hormone deficiency, brain tumors, hypothyroidism, gonadal deficiency and adrenal insufficiency, as noted by MedlinePlus. These health complications, which result from hypothalamic dysfunction, can cause vision disorders, permanent blindness, heart problems, heart disease, thin bones, weakness, high cholesterol, infertility and a number of other life-threatening health problems.

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Hypothalamic dysfunction is most commonly caused by radiation, surgery, tumors and trauma, and it can also be caused by bulimia, bleeding, anorexia nervosa, head trauma, malnutrition, infections and genetic disorders. Symptoms that may be related to hypothalamic dysfunction are inability to stay warm, weakness, dizziness, headaches, loss of smell, weight gain and fatigue. While not all causes of hypothalamic dysfunction are treatable, it is possible to treat many of these issues with hormone replacement therapy or radiation treatment.

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