What Are the Main Functions of the Brain?

The brain has various functions, including translating sensations, thinking, coordinating movements, controlling sleep and breathing patterns. It is considered among the largest and most complex of human organs, notes WebMD. It has billions of nerves that communicate through trillions of connections, usually referred to as synapses.

The outermost region of the brain is normally referred to as the cortex. This region is associated with thoughts and voluntary movements of the body. Voluntary movements include walking, sitting down or lying down, raising a hand, scratching an itch and nodding.

Right in the middle of the spinal cord and the rest of the brain is the brain stem. This particular area is associated with functions like breathing and sleep. Breathing or falling asleep seem like things that just occur naturally but the truth is that the brain plays an important role in controlling them.

The region at the back and base of the brain is known as the cerebellum. This region is responsible for balance and general body coordination. An interference with this region may lead to impaired body movements such as walking.

Other functions of the brain include translating sensations such as temperature and taste. The brain equally translates words and images into meaningful messages. The brain is protected by various defenses, including the skull, the spinal cord and meninges, according to Healthline.