How Are Magnets Used in Everyday Life?

The uses of magnets in everyday life include in the household, credit cards, electronics, industrial work, medical equipment and jewelry. In different industrial fields, magnets are useful as magnetic sweepers or sorters. Everyday electronics used in the home, such as televisions, computer disks and videotapes, also require magnetism to produce some type of magnetic field.

In the household, homeowners utilize magnets to post notes on refrigerators or bulletin boards. Similarly, other applications of magnets in a home can include placing one on the water intake pipe of a water heater to prevent corrosion from metallic calcium, finding metal studs in walls and removing metal shavings from a floor in a home workshop.

Magnets also have medical uses in MRI machines in which they create a strong magnetic field to take images of different body parts. In alternative medicine, magnets are useful for magnetic therapy. Some other applications are in Maglev trains and magnetic clasps used in purses or jewelry.