Where Do You Find Magnets in a House?

NI QIN/Vetta/Getty Images

In addition to the simple magnets on the refrigerator that hold up photos, coupons or shopping lists, magnets (often electromagnets) are also found in virtually any electric device or appliance with a motor, transformer, relay or solenoid.

Electromagnetic motors are found in refrigerators, small kitchen appliances, garbage disposals, furnace fans, oven and ceiling fans, electric clocks and timers, CD and DVD players, printers, washers and dryers, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, electric toothbrushes and computers.

Out in the garage, electromagnetic motors are in drills, power saws, edgers, leaf blowers, power washers, garage door openers, and electric lawn mowers.

Pushing a doorbell button activates a magnetic solenoid, and telephone speakers convert electrical waves into sound using electromagnetic coils interacting with permanent magnets. Many microphones generate electric signals when electric coils vibrate within a magnetic field.