How Do Magnets Attract Each Other?

One magnets attracts another magnet when it produces a magnetic field around itself. Depending on the charge of this field, a magnet may either attract or repel another magnet.

Magnets and magnetic fields were first discovered by the ancient Greeks. They realized that some lodestone attracted pieces of iron and set out to find more information on magnetic fields.

In magnets, opposites attract. Each magnet has a north and south pole and only the opposite ends of magnets will attract other magnets. Placing the ends north to north or south to south will result in repulsion.

Magnets use electromagnetism which is one of the four basic forces in the universe along with gravity, strong nuclear and weak nuclear forces. Magnetism is simply the result of the interaction between two charged particles.

Since the discovery of electromagnetism, scientists have been trying to figure out how it works and how it can be used by ordinary people. For example, simply rubbing a screwdriver with a neodymium magnet in one direction will magnetize a screwdriver for a few minutes.

Today, magnets are commonly used in electric motors and generators, television and computer screens, candy machines, compasses and may be used to treat medical problems like migraines and depression.