What Is Maganese (II) Carbonate?


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Maganese (II) carbonate is a compound consisting of one carbon atom, one magnesium atom, and three oxygen atoms. It is a rhombus-shaped, crystalline solid and is naturally found in the form of rhodochrosite, a pink mineral.

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Maganese (II) carbonate is widely used as a fertilizer additive in the form of crushed, tiny crystals. It is also used for ceramic glazes and as an additive to cement. When it is added to cement, it reduces corrosion. Maganese (II) carbonate is also used in industrial production as a source of maganese oxide. Upon heating, it releases carbon dioxide, leaving maganese oxide behind. The maganese oxide is then converted in a separate reaction into maganese dioxide. This is used for the manufacture of dry-cell batteries and for iron-based magnets called ferrites.

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