Who Is Mae Jemison?

Dr. Mae Jemison is a former NASA astronaut. When she flew into space aboard the Endeavor in 1992, she became the first African-American woman in space. As the science mission specialist, Jemison was responsible for conducting crew-related scientific experiments on the space shuttle, including examining the crew's motion sickness.

Jemison graduated from Morgan Park High School in Chicago, Illinois, in 1973. She obtained her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University in 1977 and her Ph.D. in Medicine from Cornell University in 1981.

After graduating, Jemison served as a Peace Corps Medical Officer until 1985. During that time, she was in charge of a geographical area that included Sierra Leone and Liberia.

After leaving the astronaut corps in March 1993, Jemison taught at Dartmouth and established her own company, the Jemison Group, whose mission is to research, develop and market advanced technologies.