What Is Made Out of Nickel?

made-out-nickel Credit: Michael Czosnek/E+/Getty Images

Nickel is an element that forms a shiny, silverish-white metal and is considered a transition metal. It is hard and ductile; for these reasons, it has a number of different applications. Nickel is used to make things like various types of currency, wires and even some specialized industrial machine parts. Nickel is also used in the creation of certain types of electronic components servicing various objects.

Nickel has a number of significant industrial and electronic properties that make it useful in manufacturing processes. However, even before it was put to use for creating these types of objects, nickel was utilized in the creation of national currency. The five-cent nickel coin in U.S. currency is made of nickel, even though the element only makes up 25 percent of each individual coin. The bulk of the coin's material is actually copper.

Nickel is also used to manufacture specific types of industrial equipment. One application of nickel in an industrial environment is the construction of turbine parts. Many of the components of a turbine, including guide nozzles and different stages of rotors are partially composed of nickel. Additionally, nickel is used to make things such as rechargeable batteries and various versions of electrical wiring.