Where Are the Lymph Nodes of the Human Body Located?


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There are hundreds of lymph nodes located throughout the entire human body. Clumps of lymph nodes are found mostly in the abdomen and the thorax, with a large portion of lymph nodes found in the armpits and groins of humans.

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Lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped organs that are part of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for mediating the immune system and keeping foreign pathogens neutralized. It is comprised of lymphatic tissues, such as the tonsils and spleen, lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes and lymphatic ducts. Together, these organs, tissues and vessels work to neutralize and remove foreign pathogens from the body.

They also circulate lymph, which is a type of interstitial fluid that is removed from the circulatory system. Lymph flows through lymphatic vessels and reach the lymphatic ducts, tissues and organs. Lymph reaches lymph nodes and brings pathogens to the nodes. In the lymph nodes, white blood cells and antibodies reside and can neutralize any pathogens that the lymph brings into the lymph nodes. The pathogens are then destroyed and removed from the body. Without lymph nodes, humans would be unable to adequately fight off pathogens, giving them a higher risk for developing cancer and other diseases.

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