When Do Lupines Flower?

Lupines bloom in a two-month span between May and July depending on the type of Lupine and the location. Lupines grow best in growing zones 3 to 7 of the United States.

Lupines can grow to be 5 feet tall with 18-inch spikes of flowers in various shades of pink, purple, red, yellow and white. There are rainbow lupine seed mixes that are sold commercially throughout the United States. The original blue lupines are the hardiest of the plant types. In a rainbow mix of lupine seeds, the blue eventually take over and become a perennial, and the other colors die off. The varieties of lupine include Russell mixed colors, which consist of hybrid rainbow and bicolor flowers, lupinus polyphyllus, which consist of a wildflower mixture with only blue flowers, and a gallery series, which grows only 2 feet tall.

Growing lupines within a garden is fairly easy with mildly acidic soil. The plants require fair irrigation of at least 1 inch of rain per week. Germination of new seeds takes between 14 and 30 days. For the best floral arrangements to enjoy indoors, the flowers should be cut when the buds are not completely opened. This allows them a longer lifespan after cutting.