What Is a Lung Cleanse?


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A lung cleanse detoxifies the lungs using a structured regime of herbs, exercises and breathing techniques, says the Natural Therapy Pages. It helps improve a person's immune system and overall health.

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The Natural Therapy Pages explains that a lung cleanse is designed to get rid of the toxins that hinder the rate of oxygen absorption in the body. It does so by stimulating mucous production, in which the mucous is coughed up to eliminate the toxins. A lung cleanse is done within one to three weeks, and it mostly benefits smokers and reformed smokers.

Lung cleansing herbs are typically used in teas and cooking, states the Natural Therapy Pages. They are also breathed in from a steam infusion or pasted as a plaster on the lung area. Some of the herbs used in lung cleanses include black peppercorns, chlorella, comfrey, cordyceps, ginger root and grindelia. These herbs stimulate circulation, remove toxins, trigger the body to produce antioxidants and help expel phlegm from the lungs.

Exercise plays a major role in cleansing and strengthening the lungs, notes the Natural Therapy Pages. It boosts the lung’s capacity and provides easier access for oxygen and herbs. Additionally, breathwork is important in a lung cleanse, as it clears air stuck deep within the lungs and replaces the old air with fresh oxygen.

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