How Do You Lower Creatinine?


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According to KidneyCoach.com, consuming more plant-based foods and avoiding creatine supplements helps to lower creatinine levels. The site also suggests avoiding strenuous physical activity and drinking nettle leaf tea. Additional methods for reducing creatinine levels include avoiding over-consumption of the mineral vanadium and taking an alpha-lipoic acid supplement for better kidney health.

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PKDClinic.org explains that creatine, an organic acid that supplies energy to muscle cells and other cells in the body, produces creatinine as a by-product during muscle contractions. The creatinine enters the bloodstream, filters through the kidneys and exits in the urine. Healthy kidneys maintain serum creatinine levels that stay within the normal range. Males, females, children and infants all have varying creatinine levels. For example, a female's normal level rests between 0.5 and 1.1 mg/dL, whereas people with only one kidney have normal creatinine levels of 1.8 or 1.9 mg/dL.

PKD Clinic goes on to suggest that limiting sodium intake, controlling protein intake and making subtle lifestyle changes all prove beneficial to people with high creatinine levels. Excess sodium worsens fluid retention and increases blood pressure, thus aggravating poor kidney function. PKD Clinic suggests eating less fatty meat and more high-quality protein to reduce the burden on both healthy and struggling kidneys.

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