How Do You Take Lot Measurements?


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To take the measurement of a lot, first make a rough sketch of the lot, including any existing features. Next, use a 100 or 200-foot open reel tape and a flat-face screwdriver to secure one end of the tape, and measure between points, recording the distance.

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There are other ways to measure your lot, depending on the area that needs to be measured or the features that need to be measured around. If you need to make a measurement alongside a wall, fence or the side of your house, you can use the baseline measurement technique. To do this, place one end of the tape at one corner of the wall and stretch it to the end corner of the wall. You can record the measurement of each feature along the surface, such as a window or door, and then use subtraction to get an accurate distance between these features.

Another method is the triangulation method. Using the tape, measure from a fixed point, such as the corner of your house, to the object. Record this distance, then do the same from another fixed point. Use these two distances as the radii of your circles, where the centers are at the fixed points. Where the circles meet is where your object is located.

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