What Are the Longest Cells in the Human Body?

longest-cells-human-body Credit: Science Photo Library - KTSDESIGN/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

The longest cells in the human body are neurons. Neurons are cells within the nervous system and carry messages throughout the body.

Although they range in size, some neurons are 3 feet long. These include the neurons that go from the skin into the spinal cord and up into the brain stem. Their impressive length makes neurons the longest cells in the body. Neurons also hold the title of the longest living cells in the human body as well. While other cells in the body die and regenerate, many neurons remain the same throughout a person's lifetime.

Neurons serve a special purpose, sending signals from one part of the body to another. These messages, known as nerve impulses, are how the brain communicates. For example, if a person wants to run, neurons make it possible for the brain to tell the legs to move. However, not all neurons are created equally. There are five types in the body, each with its own specialty.