What Is the Longest Bone Ever Found?


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Unearthed in mid-May 2014, the longest and largest bone ever found belongs to an as-yet unnamed species of titanosaur that was discovered in Patagonia. The bone, a femur, is well over 6 feet long.

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What Is the Longest Bone Ever Found?
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Paleontologists estimate that, based on the size of the femur, this titanosaur would have been approximately 130 feet long from head to tip of tail. As well, it stood 65 feet tall. It would've weighed about 77 tons, comparable to 14 adult African elephants. This find dethroned the Argentinosaurus, another sauropod, from being the largest land animal ever. The Argentinosaurus, as its name suggests, was also found in the Patagonian region of Argentina.

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