How Long Is a Year on Venus?

A year on Venus lasts 224.7 Earth days. A full year on Venus completes faster than an Earth year of 365 days, although the length of a day on Venus runs much longer, lasting over 240 Earth days. As with Earth, astronomers determine the length of a yearly orbit for Venus by calculating the amount of time Venus takes to make a full rotation around the Sun.

Although the length of time it take Venus to orbit the Sun matches closely with Earth's, its orbit follows an unusual pattern. Instead of moving forward around the Sun, like most planets, Venus completes its rotation backwards. This backwards spin makes the Sun appear to rise on the western side of Venus' sky and set in the east, opposite the Sun's path on Earth. Venus, like Earth, Mercury and Mars, classifies as an inner planet. This quartet forms the planetary group closest to the Sun. Each planet moves in a straight path, making a circular orbit without overlapping the path of others. Despite residing in close proximity, these planets complete a full rotation around the Sun at different times. Mercury completes a yearly rotation in just 88 days, while Mars circles the Sun in approximately 2 years. Distant planets in the outer solar system take considerably longer; Uranus and Neptune years last 84 and approximately 165 Earth years, respectively.