How Long Does It Take Uranus to Rotate?

Uranus takes 17 Earth hours to rotate. It takes 84 Earth years for it to orbit around the sun, and it rotates horizontally.

Uranus is known as the sideways planet. This is because of the way it tilts. The axis of the earth are at the top and bottom. This is the same for the other planets. Earth rotates on this axis as it orbits the sun. Uranus, however, is tilted almost on its side. This means its axis points at the sun as it rotates putting it at right angles to the sun. It is the only planet to rotate horizontally in this way.

Because of the tilt at which Uranus rotates, its magnetic fields are different. The northern hemisphere is about 10 times the strength of the southern hemisphere. The tilt also affects the seasons. They are extreme, and they last for about 20 Earth years.

Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun. This means it is 1.8 billion miles from the sun. It is 82.5 percent hydrogen, 15.2 percent helium and 2.3 percent methane. It has 27 moons, as well as faint rings. It is known as the ice giant because of the fact that 80 percent of it is made of ice.