How Long Does It Take for Uranus to Orbit the Sun?

The planet Uranus takes about 84 Earth years or 30,660 Earth days to make a full orbit around the sun. Days on Uranus last 17 hours, which is the amount of time it takes for the ice giant to make a complete rotation on its axis. Uranus is around 1.8 billion miles from the sun, making it the seventh furthest planet from the sun in the solar system.

Uranus has a mean radius of 15,759.2162 miles, which makes it similar in size to the planet Neptune. If the size of Uranus was to be compared to the size of Earth, Uranus would be as large as a baseball and Earth would equal in size to a nickel. Uranus is classified as an ice giant because 80 percent or more of its mass consists of a hot and dense fluid of icy materials. These materials consist of methane, water and ammonia and sit above a small rocky core. The atmosphere of Uranus is made primarily of helium and hydrogen and also contains a limited volume of methane. Uranus is surrounded by faint inner rings that are dark and thin and outer rings that are brilliantly colored and is also orbited by 27 moons. The ice giant is not able to support biological lifeforms and has only been visited by one unmanned spacecraft, the Voyager 2.