How Long Does It Take a Strained Muscle to Heal?

For a mild muscle strain, it takes around three to six weeks to recover with basic home care, according to an article by Healthline. Severe strains may take months to properly heal.

Most people with a strained muscle usually experience full recovery with proper treatment, explains Pietrangelo. Chances of recovery are higher when a person takes steps to prevent re-injury. It is important that patients follow all doctor’s instructions, especially after a surgery, and avoid engaging in strenuous physical activities until the strained muscle is fully healed.

Sherwin Ho, an associate professor of surgery at the University of Chicago Medical, explains to ABC News that a grade-two injury involves macroscopic tearing of the fibers and usually takes a person three to six weeks to heal and undergo complete recovery. If a person plays a sport, he has to stop participating in that sport until the strain fully heals. A grade-three injury is the most severe and also the least common type of strain injury. It refers to a complete tearing of a muscle or tendon, and it often occurs where the muscle is attached to the tendon above or below the joint. This kind of strain is accompanied by weakness, which means a person can no longer use that muscle. Cast immobilization and surgery are sometimes necessary. Due to the injury’s severity, recovery generally takes three to six months or longer.