How Long Does Radiation Stay in the Body?

Radiation does not stay in the body after the treatments have ended and will not be able to stay in the body unless there is a radioactive device implanted into the cancerous parts of the body. After receiving radiation, a person will not be radioactive.

Radiation has been used in the medical field as a treatment for cancer patients for over 100 years. Many patients who are about to undergo radiation therapy have questions about the treatment and are concerned about whether the treatment is safe or not. While radiation does have many side effects that can be detrimental to the body, it is considered a safe procedure that greatly outweighs the option of continuing to have harmful cancer within the body. Over the time that radiation has been used, many medical advances have been made to make it safer and more effective as a treatment for cancer.

There are many different types of radiation therapy, including some that have special precautions that must be taken after the initial treatment. These precautions will be discussed by the oncologist. Patients must be sure that the precautions are taken seriously because not following the advice of the oncologist can cause the radiation treatments to be less successful.